Orangeberry Ads – Blogger Info

Orangeberry Ads is still in BETA, i.e. we’re still testing this feature and things may not run as smoothly as we would like.

You sign up, choose a book cover and display it on your sidebar.

Between 4 weeks to 8 weeks, you choose what is best.

Yes, you do.

Depending on the duration you choose, you receive 50% up front and 50% once you have completed the advertising. If you do not complete the duration or remove the book cover before the stated time, you will not receive the balance payment.

Current rate is $5 per week / per book cover / minimum 4 weeks.

Depending on the response this programme receives, we may increase the payment.

Please note PayPal fees paid by the recipient are different for each country and you will need to check with PayPal customer service about these rates.

Does my follower count and traffic count matter? Yes, it does. Preference will be given to bloggers with higher follower counts and higher number of views.

Copy / paste the link below into your browser. Sign ups are currently open for about 10 bloggers.