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A Checklist for Marketing Your eBook

A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing – The Pie

Are Writers Harming Themselves?

Author’s Bill of Rights

Birth Of The Free-Gap

Chart Of The Day – Amazon Kindle Book Sales

Dead Men Walking 

Failed Book Marketing – Forget Free Books

Five Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Writing

How eBook Buyers Discover eBooks

How Not To Deal With A Bad Review

How Many Books Before You’re A Best-Seller

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Rewriting

Obtaining Reviews

Publisher Rejections Never Cease To Amaze

Real Gatekeeper in Publishing Now? Authors

Rise UP Authors: Stretch Forward

Seven Lessons I Learnt In Seventh Grade

Steal This e-Book

Stupid Little Authors, Don’t They Know Their Place

Using Twitter Effectively

What’s Good Etiquette For An Independent Site

What’s New With Smashwords

What Works – Promo For eBooks

Whither The Short Story?

Writing Through The Lows


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To Get a List of E-Book Formatters and Cover Artists

– Send an email to Smashwords, asking for Mark’s List.

To Get a List of Just About Everything:

Sign into Writer’s Café on the Kindle Boards and go to Kindleboards Yellow Pages for Writers.

Here’s the link to the thread:,50419.msg868937.html#msg868937



You can also download “Be The Monkey” for free, from either Barry Eisler’s or J.A. Konrath’s webstores.

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